The Love Song of J. Alfred Pruforck

This is a poem describes the mental conflict of J. Alfred Prufrock, who is struggling and almost went crazy about how to solve the love to his dream woman. First, I focus on “Let us go then, … make our visit”. This part mainly summarized his heart. He is inferiority that worried about his hair is getting bald, and limbs are too thin. The people around him are also making fun of him, which might be the part of the reason that makes him so inferiority, and scared of expressing his love that the dream woman might not accept his love.

The next section author keep using “So how should I presume” to express the fear of delivery his love to the woman. He has the woman daily and nightly in his thoughts. He knows every detail about her. But he is afraid that once he speaks up he will lose her. In the next two section, he mentions twice about his hair, “my head [grown slightly bald]” and “Shall I part my hair behind”. It is obvious, Prufrock is way too inferior, which he shouldn’t be worry. The combination of the outside force bring from the people he lived with, and internal un-confident has decided the failure of his love, which will never be delivered to the dream woman.


One thought on “The Love Song of J. Alfred Pruforck

  1. I completely agree I believe this poem has to do with the indecision of a man in love with a woman. However I believe that this poem can also be applied to social anxiety in general. Many people worry about how people will view them regardless of if they are going to see someone they are romantically attracted to or merely going out to see a group of friends or meet new people. T.S Elliot states, ” My necktie rich and modest, but asserted by a simple pin- [They will say: “But how his arms and legs are thin!”]”. In the poem Prufrock is stating that no matter how much effort he puts into his appearance people will find some criticism with him. Another aspect of this poem is the passage of time and how it can be wasted. Prufrock highlights that life is too short to be worried about the opinions of other people.

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