The Jane Austen Manuscript Archive

The Jane Austen Manuscript Archive contains images of original manuscripts by Austen from throughout her life. The objects include manuscripts through an index, an introduction to the general archive, and headnotes for each work. Additionally, there are citations and contact information for research and technical inquiries. The index lists the manuscripts by name and location of the physical document. The manuscripts can also be accessed through a search box for key words to find throughout all of the included manuscripts. It can be noted that the search engine includes each manuscript broken down into how it is archived yet grouped so that they may be searched through individually. All of the objects may be accessed through tabs underneath the archive’s header.

The article by Voss and Werner uses the following to define an archive:

 “This space, inseparable from the ensemble of operations deployed within it, confers order on its contents and creates a system whereby an official record of the past may be preserved and transmitted intact. The archive may be, in effect, a political space, a gendered space, a memorial space.”

Therefore, the Jane Austen Manuscript Archive demonstrates archival theory as it is “a memorial space” that remembers the work of Austen in a way that will allow her legacy to never be forgotten and “preserved and transmitted intact,” since each individual physical copy can’t be accessed as easily. The archive allows the significance of the work to continue through time as technology advances the accessibility of ideas.


One thought on “The Jane Austen Manuscript Archive

  1. I agree with the notion that “The Jane Austen Manuscript Archive” demonstrates the archival theory, but I want to add that it is done through the sense that Austen’s work is transformed into “a virtual repository of knowledge without visible limits.” With this online tool you can now access various parts of her work easily, because it is more accessible through the categorization of the massive amount of manuscripts that she created.

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