Rossetti archive

The Rossetti archive is a collection of the works of Dante Gabriel Rossetti. This archive contains both the writings, and art of Rossetti. The archive itself has two different ways to find Rossetti’s works. Either you can browse to a specific genre of his work,(Pictures,Poems,Prose, etc..) The other option is an extensive search engine which will allow you to among other options search the title of a work, or a phrase which you might wish to find works relating to.

The Rossetti Archive is a good example of how the archive has evolved from its roots into something more accessible, and more useful than before.  Werner and Voss state in”Toward a Poetics of the Archive”  that “Technology ensures that the facade of the archive is changing.” This point is highlighted by this archive. Not only do you have access via the internet to many of Rossetti’s works, you have access to his complete works. Previously, when art was collected the physical space necessary to store it forced some level of loss when the physical constraints were met. However, electronic storage is not infinite it does allow for more work to be stored and accessed than ever before.


2 thoughts on “Rossetti archive

  1. I agree that the Rossetti Archive shows evolution in regards to archiving as it not only preserves Rossetti’s works, but also makes them easily accessible to the public. As you mentioned in the first paragraph, one looking at the archive can either browse the archive by a specific genre relating to his works, or through a search engine.

    The Rossetti Archive does its job as an archive by preserving all the documents by Rossetti. “The Rossetti Archive aims to include high-quality digital images of every surviving documentary state of DGR’s works: all the manuscripts, proofs, and original editions, as well as drawings, paintings, and designs of various kinds, including collaborative photographic and craft works.” The archivists wanted to preserve anything related to Rossetti as there is value in not only the completed works, but also in the original documents. “Bornstein maintains that the literary work exists not in ant one manifestation but in an archive that brings all the versions with claims upon our attention put together.” The Rossetti Archive does its job as an archive by not only having the finished products of Rossetti’s works, but also his notes and other versions so that way one would be able to follow what he has done or what he was thinking at the time.

  2. The Rossetti Archive is a perfect example of how an “archive provides students and scholars with access to all” sorts of different tools and documents. I also thought it was very interesting that not only does it have his paintings but also architecture sketches and even some of Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s stain glass windows. The advancement of technology has made many things available to the public. When the original post said that electronic storage is not infinite that made me think several things. First I would have to disagree. Electronic storage is infinite via the internet, and more storage can be created. The other idea that I had was a question pertaining to archives. Is there anything that is from the past (maybe like an artifact or something) that couldn’t be archived, stored, or captured on the internet?

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