Virginia Woolf Online

The site, woolfonline, is a record of Virginia Woolf’s works, and drafts of the novel To The Lighthouse. Although this site only contains one novel or literary pieceit is riddled with analytical essays on, drafts of Woolf’s work, and even a timeline based on her diary entries. Accessible through various links one can find a bibliography of critiques of the novel, events occurring during this time that influenced her writing,  and images and text of letters she and others wrote. The content seems to be truly endless.

It is important to note that a lot of the original copies of the works archived on this site are not accessible to the public. It is protected and preserved through the digital medium. “The archive preserves and reserves, protects and patrols, regulates and represses.” -Werner/Voss. This archive truly does that with the ability to access protected information.




2 thoughts on “Virginia Woolf Online

  1. Woolfonline digital archive is exemplar of composition frameworks of ‘To The Lighthouse’. As said, the site consists of one piece of literature, that is filled with passages and lifetime moments, being broken into periodic chunks. There are a number of ways of accessing information: bibliography, contextual, image, and quick links; all of which are visible and easy to find. And each time you enter one of these portals there are a variety of options that take you through another revolving door.

    Something worth noting when trying to access Woolf’s work many of the original archives cannot be attained. Not any public visitor cannot access the original archives as mentioned, “we have included every entry in which Woolf makes reference to the novel, however passing it may be.” – Werner/Voss. Protecting the sanctity of the information only enhances the beauty of the archive.

  2. As you and Brandon have mentioned, there are numerous pieces of information that have to deal with the work on the site. Varying from the text itself to images written about in the text, and even to critiques of the work. Brandon also mentioned that there are separate portals upon each option, leading to a large amount of places to navigate through depending on what you are specifically looking for. Worth noting is that some of the images and text don’t even need to be linked, but are rather just framed off to the left of the site when pulled up, so no additional tabs are needed. It is interesting to think that some of the actual original pieces of work are not available to the public, but are rather preserved through digital aid. While this archive is not as expansive as others, it does bring in elements that not only relate to this work, but also related paintings and significant places.

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