Eve: A Poem by Horace Holley

Eve by Horace Holley

This poem seems to be asking why women of this era are being silenced when it comes to their passions or opinions. It was written in the 1910s when women began standing up against the cultural discrimination of their gender. The author seems to tie into this by asking “Eve” why she is “hid[ing] herself among these laughing girls;” here I believe the author is asking why Eve is not standing up for herself, or why she is blindly following in the ways of the submissive women.


2 thoughts on “Eve: A Poem by Horace Holley

  1. In blog assignments, try to follow the prompt a little more closely. The one for today asked you to pick a couple of words that are particularly meaningful in one of the pieces. Are there any words in the poem that you found to be key for conveying its message?

  2. Within this part of the magazine, I believe that it is a man narrating this. By thinking of these words coming out of a mans mouth about how I believe he misses Eve saying how there are “storms and seasons” until they are together and “mate”. Self completeness is a major issue coming from Horace Holley. His Eve could be anything from his dog to his pride, maybe even a real woman. Nature plays a major role in speaking of loneliness and him being upset.

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