“Eve” by Horace Holley

In this poem by Holley, he is trying to convey the search for a woman. The narrator is talking about his pursuit to find a woman for himself. He says “There is no world for me… And self-tormenting dreams, Until we mate, O Eve.” In his own words, the narrator is talking about how he is alone and how he’s waiting for someone to come along and deprive him of his loneliness.

The first four lines describe his struggle to find someone that stands out to him. He says, “Why have you hid yourself, O Eve, /  Among these laughing girls,. ” To the narrator, all the girls he’s come across have been relatively similar. He’s looking for someone that is a different, someone who will stand out, and that is who the narrator wants.


One thought on ““Eve” by Horace Holley

  1. I agree that this poem by Holley appears to be about the search for a woman, but besides that it is a poem about a woman hiding herself. When Holley says, “And why are you divided, Womanhood, among these anxious women?” What he is really asking is why would a woman is hiding herself. This notion of hiding supports the idea that Holley is searching for a woman to complete his life.

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