Woman’s New Era by Francis Grierson

The “Woman’s New Era” is about a great women’s movement. Author Francis Grierson uses many strong, commanding illustrations to describe this movement. Grierson opens with the illustration; “Five great moments have vivified the page of history… and the awakening of women after a slumber of three thousand years.” Here Grierson is arguing that an unprecedented movement is upon us.

Key words that indicate the significance of this physical change are spiritual, cycle, and movement. These third words are the foundation of the article as they are used repeatedly to emphasis it’s importance. Spirituality is referring to the religion of this movement. The spirit is powerful and alive and present. Grierson argues, “the first four movements had their rise in something social, economic, and political; the awakening of women was spiritual.” Cycle is used to classify and break the era’s in more recognizable parts. For instance, it’s straightforwardness is candid in the second paragraph, “cycles of centuries elapsed between Deborah’s song of triumph and the burning of Joan of Arc at the stake, and another cycle elapsed between the Orleans tragedy and the proclamation declaring Queen Victoria Empress of India.” The word movement is alluding to a change of position for all women. It’s eminent in the introduction sentence how this “movement” will vivify the pages of history and nothing will be the same because of this movement. Grierson argues this belief throughout with powerful intent.



2 thoughts on “Woman’s New Era by Francis Grierson

  1. I agree with the theme of this journal is about the woman’s movement, and using the other four movement to strike the uniqueness of this movement. Each of the movement was acting different characters in different time scopes. I also realized the word “cycle” , “spiritual” , and “movement” have been used frequently. “Spiritual” has delivery the signal of the movement have been token in action in different fields as social, economic, and political. “cycle” also can be expressed as a circle, a sphere. Women have been break out the sphere existing for three thousand years and opening a new era. I also think “vivify” is an important word in this journal. It express the women movements have never stop and the author believes there is no failure this time.

    • I agree with the focus on the words the describe the cycles. I enjoyed the details used to discover the differences between each specific word chosen in the article.
      However, I feel like this could be taken a step further as “the different cycles of time each have their special character.” Insight could be used to take the “social, economic, and political” as well as “spiritual” aspects discussed and use them to contrast the differences in the cycles, due to the fact that “some are masculine, some are neutral, and some are feminine. Some are material, others are physic.” This will bring another dimension to the differences being emphasized throughout the passage.

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