Woman’s New Era – Francis Grierson

In “Woman’s New Era,” Francis Grierson argues that another great movement is coming about. To be more specific a women’s movement. Grierson believes this movement will “vivify the pages of history” and is “the awakening of women after a slumber of three thousand years.”

Some words that stuck out to me were cycle, spiritual, and vivified. Cycle is used quite a few times in this article. Cycles are known to be repetitive and is used in this article as a way of saying that a movement by women is inevitably going to happen again. Spiritual is used a lot in the article and signifies that the awakening of women is seen as “spiritual.” One use of the word “spiritual” that later in the article helped signify this point was in the next to last paragraph. Grierson argues “there must be an actual awakening to the spiritual side of life and though before anything great can arise out of the present chaos of conflicting opinions and sentiments.” In the first sentence of the article Grierson states, “five great movements have vivified the pages of history within the past fifty years.” When I first read this I wasn’t sure what vivified meant, so this obviously stuck out to me and I wondered if it was something important. After looking up the definition and seeing it meant “to enliven or animate” it made more sense to me and I could see that it was important because it means that these movements have animated the pages of history.




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