Lab: Word Searches in The New Freewoman

Group Members: Reagan Hoback, Braigen Hubbard, Paige Pulliam, Megan Gibson

1. Our group chose the word “death” because we knew it would bring back various results.

2. The Rape of the Drama by Huntly Carter (August 15, 1913; Vol 1 No. 5) – Short Story; The Horses of Diomedes by Remy de Gourmont (August 15, 1913; Vol 1 No. 5); Views and Comments (September 15, 1913; Vol 1 No. 7)

3. Views and Comments showed death in the aspect of revolution, martyrdom, and the death of an idea.

4. We didn’t really have any expectations as to what we would find.

5. We searched Huntly Carter and found other contributions in multiple other magazines like: Blast: Individual Review, The Little Review: Literature, Drama, Music, and Art 1915-9, The Egoist: An Individualist Review, and The New Age. Carter seems to write a lot of fiction.



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