Modernist Journals The New Freewoman

Members: Albert Song, Thomas Littlejohn, Zihao Lu, Willow Kettinger, Peter Robe

  1. We searched love because it’s the day before Valentine’s Day and is a timeless word.
  2. “Nana” by Rebecca West: July 1, 1913 – fiction
  3. In “Nana”, love is similar because the author describes her nana and the love between them. She also explains the loving personality of her nana which is similar to the June 15th issue in multiple aspects. Specifically, the short story “Trees of Gold” describes natures in a very similar fashion.
    The dissimilarities arise from the distinction between nature and humans.
  4. We expected similar results as love is a topic that is very broad.
  5. Rebecca West also writes in fiction, letters and articles. She also uses similar words in The New Freewoman and in other magazines. The author seems to write in similar styles to that of comparative authors. Her word choices are very vivid across all of her works but her tone change depending on genre.

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