Word Searches in The New Freewoman

1. We chose the word “cycle” due to its various uses throughout the magazine to show that there is order within some things, such as time

2. The New Freewomen: An Individualist Review by Dora Morsden (1913).

3. Some of the works that appeared had nothing to do with this concept because the word
“cycle” was used for things like “motor cycle”. Some were similar in that they were used to reference periods of time.

4. We were surprised to find so many works that had “motor cycle” in them, but were not surprised to find some that used cycle as a means to identify certain time(s).

5. We were only able to find this author as a part of The New Freewoman. Since we were only able to find this piece of work by her, we assume that she sticks to this genre.

Group Members:

Audrey Brown, Brandon Hanat, and Kyle Sisk


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