Lab: Word Searches in “The New Freewoman”

Also posting on behalf of William Grantham, Eli Jones, Bethany Williams, Courtney Barker, and Shelby Fields

1. We chose to search the world “lean,” because in the issue of The New Freewoman we studied in class, the word is heavily symbolic of being independent and selfless, as opposed to “fattening” up on what other people provide for you (at least from what we understood).

2. Issues 2 and 4-12 of the same magazine resulted from our search.

3. A majority of the other issues tended to use “lean” as a verb, rather than the aforementioned more abstract concept. Issues 9 &4 did speak again of “the lean kind,” but simply in reference to the ideas expressed in the first issue, rather than as a part of original content.

4. Our group answered no. “The Lean Kind” seemed like such a significant component of the magazine’s feminist argument that we expected it to persist throughout the life of the magazine, but instead it was only mentioned again in 2 other issues.

We did not have time to get far into the 5th question.


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