Why New York Real Estate Grows In Value


PDF Page 40, Article page 92

“Why New York Real Estate Grows In Value” is an advertisement, encouraging the reader to invest in Payton Apartments in New York City.  The part of this article that stood out the most to me was it’s use of numbers and logic as opposed to traditional advertising techniques. In “The New Freewoman”, I wrote on the Syndicalism advertisement which contained more fallacies and fluff than actual content.  This advertisement, on the contrary, makes use of numbers to help make it’s argument.

First, since it is advertising for apartment investors, it talks about growth in the market (“The permanent increase in population of New York in one year was 400,000”). It gives the precise amount of land (“two and one-half acres, or thirty-three full city lots”), the amount of apartments, (“306 apartments, 1466 rooms”), and the housing capacity (“1500 people”). These hard numbers make a case for why it would be a good investment.

The advertisement also acquires some legitimacy through the capitalization of the corporation (“The Payton Apartments Corporation … with a capitalization of $250,000.00”). This is in stark contrast to the advertisement for syndicalism, whose only legitimization came from the use of bandwagon and appeal to authority.

It finishes with a list of the directorate and their credentials, as well as a final appeal. Part of what is really interesting about this advertisement is the lack of racial discussion. Race is discussed exactly twice (“the finest owned and controlled by colored people in the world , set aside for the tenantry of colored families” and “the largest real estate proposition in the world undertaken by Negroes”). Rather, the focus on the article is on the monetary and technical credentials of the product, which fits its goal – to get investors.

I felt that “Soldier’s Number”, in contrast to “The New Freewoman” focused less on being disenfranchised and more on overcoming the boundaries. This came across primarily in the tone, which I read as more overall positive, and in the overall content, which seemed to stress the importance of getting respect through actions deserving respect, rather than for the fact that they shouldn’t need to earn it.


One thought on “Why New York Real Estate Grows In Value

  1. This article is definitely written for an educated audience. I really like, as you talked about, the specifics that the article gives. It gives some good numbers and evidence that indicates that the author of the article knew what they were talking about. Also investing in real estate is something that can prove very beneficial over time. This advertisement is basically trying to convince people to invest their money with the E. C. Brown Company, not only because it will benefit the investor, but because their company is reputable and it, as far as evidence shows, is a safer long term investment.

    Group A- Moderator

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