Judge Terrell

Page 66: http://library.brown.edu/pdfs/1292948398124250.pdf

The purpose of Judge Terrell was to celebrate the accomplishments of a qualified black judge. The article begins by announcing Judge Terrell’s fifth appointment as Municipal  Judge of The District of Columbia. The article reviews Judge Terrell’s upbringing and academic background receiving degrees from Harvard and Howard University. Then later speaks about his reappointments by presidents Roosevelt, Taft and Wilson.

The language used in this article do not seem to downplay or even exaggerate the achievements of Judge Terrell. However, one phrase did stand out. The use of “noteworthy triumph” after the announcement of a fifth appointment seemed to not do this accomplishment justice. To me, it felt that it did not do his current achievement as well as all of the other accomplishments he has achieved in his life. Also of note is how the article mentions all of the people in his life as opposed to what he has specifically achieved in his time practicing law and as a judge. The article only mentions how he practiced law with John R. Lynch for 7 years.


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