Sonnet to Negro Soldiers

The Sonnet to Negro Soldiers was written to tell people how brave and fearless the black soldiers were, not only in the war but how they were brave in a sense that “man’s wrong to man” speaking of how whites treated blacks during that time.  How the “negro” people would be slaves but still very brave and courageous.  Words that stand out to me would be “Liberty” and “Faith.” They stand out to me because they are the capitalized in the middle of a sentence and have the most impact by being at the end of the sonnet.

The liberty is ironic to me because the blacks actually had a major impact during world war 1. More than 350,000 blacks served during World War I mainly as support troops, but still saw a lot of action. Also, several units fought alongside the French and over 100 of the black soldiers were awarded the French Legion of Honor.  In a different sense, Faith seems to be an odd word to use  when talking about blacks and whites fighting together.  The white men have always been very harsh to African Americans and for them to have so much faith in the whites that they would go out and fight with each other.  This type of faith is a special because to me its like the whites go a new sense of appreciation for the blacks because each of them would have to have each others back in fights.  No man left behind and Brothers in war are two things they teach in the military, that I feel came in place during this rough time for America.


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