The Black Soldier

The Black Soldier is a short inspiring piece in nature calling for all “dark men,” to come together and fight for the Allies in the war. The piece is mostly inspiring because of its strong language and definitive stance on the issues of the war. Much like the articles found in the New Freewoman this piece is unwavering on its beliefs. Some may see this piece as radical, as were some of the pieces from the New Freewoman, because of its language like, “No longer will darker people of the world occupy just the place they have before,” but for me this stance is very inspiring. Along with that the article calls for equality through the rise of, “an American Negro, with the right to vote and the right to work and the right to live without insult.” Overall, this piece utilizes language and appeals to emotion and equality to move the reader.

Much like the New Freewoman, this article contains opinions that at the time were not very popular among most people; however, the article is very open about these opinions and does not shy away from hard topics. The piece is also very self aware as it states at the end when talking about equality, “These things may not and will not come at once; but they are written in the stars.” Overall, this piece shares a lot of the same qualities as the pieces found in the New Freewoman because it is very controversial for its time.


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