“Race” frequency in voyant


The word “race” was most used in the first volume in November, 1910. The pattern appears to stay relatively constant over time, but rose once again in the eighth volume in May, 1914. This volume had advertisements aimed towards specific races. In issue two of volume ten, the word “race” was not used at all. It seems that the author actual pointed out a specific race, African-American, rather than broadly saying “race”. In the beginning, most authors that used the word “race” in The Crisis were from northern states. However, around 1915, this completely changed. Over time, most authors that used the word “race” were from the south. This was around the time of WWI, and segregation was still a debated topic. In some cases, this may be misleading because the word is used in a different way in some issues. For example, one issue used the term in the sense of “presidential race” rather than using “race” as a way to classify a group of people. The graph emphasizes words that are used most commonly by enlarging the font size and making them a brighter color. The Cirrus widget is different from the trends because it does not show the frequency of the word over time, but rather just shows how many times the word was used.

Members: Kyle Sisk, Audrey Brown, Brandon Hanat


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