The Crisis: Death

Group: Braigen, Reagan, Megan, and Paige

Frequency of Death in issue 47

Frequency of Death in issue 47

Frequency of Death in The Crisis

Frequency of Death in The Crisis


Our word we search was Death.  As you can see, it is certainly not the most used word; death is only found 1335 times in all issues of The Crisis.  The top peak of our raw frequency of The Crisis says that there is supposed to be 42 instances of the word Death, yet the highest is 11.  In any data there is to be ambiguities; it seems to count all instances dea in the test as death as well and that is where Voyant Tools has a glitch.  Here is what we found:

  • Death was used a minimum of twice in issue 3 of The Crisis
  • Vol. 8-No.5 Whole No.47 had the most instances of Death at 11
    • The issue date was September 5, 1914
    • 4 in An Anthropologist
    • 3 in Crime
    • 2 in the Editorial
    • 1 in the Personal
    • 1 in A Congressional Debate

When comparing the graph to the issue we realized that the death was not used as much as we had first thought.  The circus widget allowed us to see our word, death, compared to the other words that are frequented within the magazines.  We concluded that death was not even close to the top of the of the long list of most used words which were big because it was so small.

The Word Trend graph enabled us to view where in the magazines along with what magazine used our word the most.  It also showed which volumes had death in them the most and compared it to all of the other volumes.


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