“White” in The Crisis

We picked the term “white” because it has a very distinct downward trend on Voyant Tools.

We looked at an extremely high outlier to analyze how “white” is used which happened to be Issue 9 of Volume 2 Number 3. The issue itself has an even distribution of the word “white”. No one author has more than 6 uses of the word white. The section entitled crime uses “white” the most. By looking at the graph, one might think white would play a significant role in the magazine, however, upon closer inspection, it does not seem to be too important. The issue itself has nothing particular to do with white but nonetheless, the authors use it.

The direction visualization revealed how much “white” is used in The Crisis. The Cirrus widget revealed that “white” was used 11,690 times and was ranked 4th. The widget is a flat count of the word “white”, while the word trends shows the frequency. It did not affect our interpretation.16900097_1233782783409736_347093472_n

– Peter Robe, Jake Holmes, Albert Song, Thomas Littlejohn, and Maxwell Lu


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