The Crisis

The word our group chose to research was lynch. When we searched for lynch in the Word Trends widget there were a few clear spikes in the usage of the word.

graphOur group chose to investigate The Crisis Volume two issue five which correlates to the highest number of occurrences of the word lynch. On the ninth page of the journal we found that,”The record for the lynching and burning of colored men in 1911 bids fair to surpass the record of any recent year.”This explains the spike in the word lynch. However,when we attempt to take the written word and look at it graphically and numerically, we often lose the actual context. We lose the connotations and emotions attached to the stories of the lynchings specifically.


Solely looking at the Word Trends graph could lead us to believe that lynch is on of the most significant words  in “The Crisis” as a whole. However, when we look at the top twenty-five most used words in “The Crisis” lynch does not appear in the cirrus chart.  While we may be able to find trends in a corpus of work by viewing visualization tools we also can make false generalizations about the importance of the trend to the entire body of work.

-William Grantham, Courtney Barker, Eli Jones, Saranya, Shelby Fields, Bethany Williams.


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