Gephi Graphing Lab

Braigen, Reagan, Megan, and Paige

  1.  The Review, whether a topic within a magazine or the magazine itself was a very common link to multiple nodes.  We agreed this, along with the word “the” share the center of the influences in this specific networks.
  2. We came to the conclusion that the magazines seem to be more significant/important within the network than the authors were because in the middle most of the nodes were magazine titles and not authors names.
  3. Some examples of the least connected authors and magazines seem to be Dargan, Tarbell, Elsa, along with The Cosmopolitan, Bangs.  These authors and magazines with minimal connection to the network graph shows us that they do not fares common themes or topics that might be found in other more central works.
  4. Coming in to this lab with never seeing a network like this, there were very little expectations as to how the network would work and what exactly it would do.  The network graph shows value supporting ideas and topic as connected through different magazines along with different authors, however it also brings to light the fact that the author or magazine does not need to be connected to popular topic to exist.

-Word up!


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