Gephi Lab

  1. What authors and magazines are the centers of influence in this network?

    Scribner’s, BLAST, and The Little Review are three magazines play large roles in the graph (because they are the largest nodes). We’ve attached an image of how large the Scribner’s and Little Review magazines are.

  2. Do authors or magazines seem more important here?

    Magazines seem to have the greater importance here, which would make sense considering how many of the different authors and works are associated with them.

  3. In contrast, what magazines or authors are least connected, and what does that tell you about these data?
    Whenever we changed the layout to the Fruchterman Rheingold layout, a number of authors and pieces were pushed to the outside of the graph. Those are the least connected. Here is a visualization:
  4. Does it show you anything unexpected? If so, what is it, and how did the graph help you to notice? If not, what is the value of the network graph as evidence, anyway?

    The most unexpected find was Oreo manufacturers were the least connected in our graph. Additionally, we did not expect the words “a, an, the” to bias the graph as much as the three words did. They were some of the largest players in the graph which caused unnecesary noise in the graph. However, the graph did help us to see what types of pieces are associated with the magazines, such as poetry, essays, and advertisement, etc.

Group: Thomas Littlejohn, Albert Song, Zihao Lu


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