1. The most centered authors seen from the data are Wyndham Lewis, Scribbners, and Charles
  2. Magazines seem to appear more in the center/nodes with larger connections than authors do. Especially when starting at 40 connections and slowly going down, magazines show up more.
  3. When you start looking at nodes with less connections than 10 its start to be too much to evaluate. If you just look at all 1 connections nodes, only 2 of them are connected. Since this seems to just take all words amongst several magazines, A and The dominate whereas Around and Exclusive are outliers.
  4. For only having 2 issues, Blast was one of the top nodes per connections. To no ones surprised ‘The’ and ‘A’ are the top picks when filtering by nodes with the most connections.
  5. Screenshot from 2017-03-22 14-55-28.pngScreenshot from 2017-03-22 14-47-32.png

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