Gephi Patterns

While Gephi seemed easy to start up, it definitely isn’t very user friendly. I may not supposed to be but perhaps I just don’t have enough knowledge about it’s features to make full use of it. I think the biggest problem I had was moving the graph around to get a closer a look at things. The zoom feature was a bit iffy too.

I didn’t recognize any of the nodes that were separated and far from the graph so I didn’t take any note of those. What I did notice was two important clusters.

The first cluster is of T.S. Eliot. It doesn’t look very extensive but compared to a lot of the nodes, this one had a lot attached! It was also close to the center. Obviously Eliot was one of the more important authors.

The second cluster is of the magazine BLAST. The node connections are very numerous. BLAST is connected to many of the modes, showing that it was one of the most important magazines in this graph.


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