1. Which authors and magazines are the centers of influence in this network?

BLAST is one of the largest influences. The Little Review and The New Age are also large in this graph. Not too many authors are very influential in this graph except for Windham Lewis.

screenshot_1458592. Do authors or magazines seem more important here?

Magazines definitely seem more important here. They appear much larger than almost any other thing in this graph entirely. The authors are scattered and are not nearly as large

3. In contrast, what magazines or authors are least connected, and what does that tell you about these data?

Some authors appear outside and have little to no connections. This tell me that these may have been one time authors or their other work has not been explored in this data set.

4. Does it show you anything unexpected? If so, what is it, and how did the graph help you to notice? If not, what is the value of the network graph as evidence, anyway?

Something unexpected that I found is, what seems to be, an ‘oops’ within the program. Such common words like “A, An, The” have some of the most connections in the graph. The graph helped me notice by enlarging these words and highlighting them in color.



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