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I found that Gephi was not a particularly intuitive program to use. However, I did like how there were different ways to change what you are viewing, and its appearance. I think that given more time to experiment with it, I might like it more. The most interesting part of this was how it created a visual representation of the connections that the various points had. I do think that this was more usable when there weren’t as many points displayed at once. I liked seeing all of the connecting threads. I think that the information that could come from all of the data was interesting, but the initial display with all of the points shown was very overwhelming, and much less useful.


One thought on “Gephi

  1. I couldn’t agree more. I attempted to use Gelphi on a very brief project as a way to dive deeper into DH work. I ended up abandoning the software and switched to, which in the end, made calculating various measures of centrality and displaying my data a much more enjoyable affair.

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