Natalie White final Game Theory

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video games

Everything we have looked over this semester applies to video games in some way or another. For instance when we went over how original text is transformed into digital, everything in a game is digital. In addition, just like in a book there is a story telling in games, a lot of games even tell you the background of the character you about to play. Also most of the stuff we just went over directs you down a certain path, just like a video game.


Andy Campbell “Clearance” made you think that you had some control over where you were headed but it just gave you one path, so you were lead to what he wanted you to see.  I think as a text it was cool because you were more interactive and it was like you were in the story and in that sense the author is able to depict what they want you to see, unlike a book where you use your own imagination. I think the text is a little harder to read because there are so many things going on, but when you read a book your focus just on the text.


What we did in class this week I don’t see it has something that would enter my field. Most of the reading I do over my field is concrete, not abstract, confusing and probably having no point. I didn’t find reading Hegirascope and 2translation fun, I had barely any control over what was going on and the little control I did have didn’t lead me into any clear direction, and it was a little stressful having to speed read in some areas.

From this I realize that a lot of things we read are becoming digital, which makes us more productive. Both of my majors rely on computers to be able to obtain documents and spread information. I think reading materials via the web will always be progressing and paper will continue to be used a little less in the business field.   

Digital vs. original

I thought it was very fascinating to go to the library and see original books and how age affects them. I think the copyright laws are a little too strict and because of that we are losing the chance to copy material that could educate humanity. I for one was a little sad when he said you could only hear the record once before it crumbled, so we won’t ever get the opportunity for a very long time. Over all I think the original material and all its imperfection are neat (especially the fact that you could read notes people left behind, which gives you another perspective) but when it comes to that or digital, I would have to go with digital because you are able to read it clearly, you don’t have trouble moving pages and digital never gets fungus.

Mapping/ social network analysis



When it comes to mapping I see it extremely useful to economics. Economics is about understanding factors that influence market, such as interest rates effecting loans and it can keep going and going. Using mapping software would make it easier to see on a broader scale the impact of a variable and how it influences the larger picture. Going back to my example interest rates are determined by the fed and when they lower the rate more people will borrow, more money will be circling the market, which influences a lot of other areas and GDP will increase. To be able to see a map that shows interest rates and borrowing and seeing that there is a correlation, it really helps to understand the topic. Overall I think mapping is important in any area, for example insurance company can map out age vs. car accidents and from that data they can determine their rates.  I think social network analysis is helpful to economics because it helps determine trends and what direction certain things are heading, which all influences the market.

When it come to my interest I think subconsciously we map out things all the time, just not on any software. When making any important decision when it comes to buying something we will determine the pros and cons. When I’m looking to buy a phone I evaluate it to a comparable one and look at what each one of them brings to the table and determines which one is best for me. Also because of social network research has probably already found the best way to advertize to the biggest market, so that has probably impacted my verdict on what phone I “need”.


Out of all the archives I read I found “MITH’s Vintage Computers Archive”, to be the most interesting. From reading the web page and looking at the different links you really gain a greater understanding of how technology has progressed. Looking over this site it makes me appreciate how computers are way easier to operate then before. Also I am amazed how we went from having to have multiple floppy disk to save data and be able open it on different computer to using a disk, which eliminated having to carry multiple floppies. Another archive that gives you a deep appreciation is the Jane Austen archive, which being able to see her writing as a child to an adult you have understanding of how peoples’ minds change over time.  The vector experiment is a very creative way of getting people more involved with writing and in some form making them feel involved. I like how its not the traditional writing structure, to me even know I might not understand what the story is getting across its gives the words more influence in a way.

I think all the archive give you a deeper perceptive, you learn about peoples lives or how types of writing spread, which had an impact on other areas.  I think that the archives are very similar because all of them in some way are about growing and how things over time change and evolve. Which that makes all archives the same, you understand the past and are able to compare it to the now and maybe that compassion will impact the future of something.~ Natalie