Final Project: Archaeology and the Age of Technology

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The following post is part of my final project assessment in my Digital Humanities course; it explains my reasoning for creating this blog in the first place.

For my final project in Intro to Digital Humanities I created a blog through WordPress dedicated to my major, archaeology. I chose to create a blog because I thought it would be interesting to discover whether blogging could be found beneficial within my field. Also my field has the reputation for being conventional, mostly consisting of book work, boring, and out dated. My ambition with this project is to dispute those claims and increase interest into archaeology again. As human beings I think it is essential that we are aware of our heritage and strive to preserve the achievements humanity has accomplished, not only to remember where we have been, but to learn from ourselves and better humanity in the future.

“If you would understand anything, observe its beginning and its development.”

In my blog I focused mainly on incorporating the use of technology, various forms of digital media, and several other topics discussed in class. Furthermore I wrote about my current research, archaeological topics that interested me, excavations and archaeological surveys I am involved in, and several other projects I am working on. To my surprise I found blogging to be beneficial. Before hand I did not regard blogging in an academic sense.

However I found the most innovative features that blogging possessed were receiving/sending feedback and gaining mass exposure. It was flattering to receive feedback and “likes” from fellow archaeologists, professors, researchers, and other individuals from across the globe. Not only was it flattering, but the mass scale of exposure was astonishing. To further increase my blog exposure I posted links and attention grabbing prompts within the Archaeology Page on FaceBook. It was intriguing to witness how instantaneously I received responses. Even more surprisingly once I really got into blogging I had accumulated 93 homepage views in a single day, a current amount of 14 Word Press subscribers, 1,625 FaceBook subscribers, and an unexpected total of 737 total homepage views within only two months. After viewing these statistics it was clear to me blogging can most definitely be used academically and benefit any individual in any major.

I found the responses to be additionally useful and encouraging. I was offered guidance, given encouragement, suggested solutions to my questions, provided other people’s opinions and I found it rather entertaining to tee off controversial debates. Blogging made it possible to further expose my mind to new thoughts and ideas that I otherwise wouldn’t have come across. I think it is important that individuals in all fields of study take advantage of technology and what it can offer. Technology such as blogging encourages interaction and compels an individual to acquire knowledge through additional means and further expand one’s thought process.


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Thanks for reading and THANK YOU to all of my followers and those of you who responded to my posts! You all made this a very positive experience and I look forward to bettering my blogging potentiality. 🙂

Ashley Brown


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My video is about how management information systems is change the way homebrewers brew beer! As you can see in the video technology for homebrewers is evolving at an astounding rate. It used to be that major breweries were the only ones who could afford the advanced software needed to brew beer. However, due to the advancement of freesource (or Cheapsource) software, everyday homebrewers are getting more technical with their brewing. Instead of just throwing ingredients into a pot and hoping for the best, technology has made vast improvements on the quality of beer being produced by homebrewers. Through this final project I have decided to keep my video posts going and maybe even create my own brewing blog. Take a look at the video and let me know what you think!

Week 12: Reading in Marketing

As a Marketing Major, I have always thought of reading as incredibly important in my field of study.  Without reading, there is no way to share information with others, and without the ability to share information, there is no Marketing.  Whether paper or digital, reading is critical.  There are reports, charts, data, surveys, and a variety of other things that need to be read.

While reading has always been a central part of my major, it has been transforming in terms of the forms of the readings.  Now information is shared through outlets such as email, the internet, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and other forms of digital multimedia.  This is a good thing, because it makes the sharing and reading of information quicker and more efficient.  What makes this such a good thing is the fact that there is such a major emphasis placed on reading in Marketing.

Reading in my Major

Reading in the energy management field is a key component of the job. The energy industy operates with heavy reliance on contractual agreement within companies and with outside organizations and indiviuals. Complex government regulations and mandates guide and consume enourmouse efforts to comply with regulator requirmments. Furthermore, property and mineral rights ownership is tracked back in time to the conception of the property (at least that’s the goal). Cairfull understanding of each of these areas and necissary to archieve success as a landman.

As the tangible form of texts, documents, and records move toward the intangible space of the digital age it has made vast amount of information available to us at an moments notice. As more records move onto this immeasurable platform the neccessity and need to venture out of the office and into the field will undoubtedly dwindle.  Comprehensive records become readily available as paper records merge with land survays, well logs, operating agreements, and seiamic geological data.


What we did in class this week I don’t see it has something that would enter my field. Most of the reading I do over my field is concrete, not abstract, confusing and probably having no point. I didn’t find reading Hegirascope and 2translation fun, I had barely any control over what was going on and the little control I did have didn’t lead me into any clear direction, and it was a little stressful having to speed read in some areas.

From this I realize that a lot of things we read are becoming digital, which makes us more productive. Both of my majors rely on computers to be able to obtain documents and spread information. I think reading materials via the web will always be progressing and paper will continue to be used a little less in the business field.   

SNA in Business

Its not difficult to consider the ways in which Social Network Analysis would be useful in the field of Business and Finance. I know for a fact that it’s already used heavily in Marketing to figure out who would be most responsive to certain advertisements. Facebook revolutionized that model for its advertisers and has been extremely successful with it.

As far as my specific field of Finance goes, I’m sure Social Network Analysis can find its use there as well. It could be used to compare and contrast different companies in the same field to influence investing decisions. It could also be used to show where high-ranking employees went when changing jobs. This sort of mapping would be useful in forecasting how a company’s policy’s might change under new management. This, too, would be a good tool for making a decision on whether to invest or not. Combined with other forms of analysis, SNA could be a very valuable tool in the field of Finance.