Mapping and Social Networking 10/25

It is somewhat difficult for me to imagine how exactly mapping is utilized in my field, but that is not to say that it is not used. Mapping could potentially provide an accessible way of looking at land ownership, particularly in the case of split ownership or overriding royalties. The various links that mapping provides offer an effective way to keep track of large amounts of information in one area.

Social networking is easier to imagine. Most companies, energy companies included, already enjoy widespread use of social networking. People can follow oil and gas companies on twitter for updates on developments on certain projects or announcements on new deals. Leases can be negotiated via skype. One of the greatest developments of the information age for the world of business is the invention of social networking. It provides companies with a way to instantly recieve feedback from the populace. Companies who wish to compete in today’s market must utilize social networking.


Energy Podcast

This podcast is centered on the need to incorporate many different sources of energy generation into our overall energy needs and to have products that can offer the flexibility to use varying sources of energy to diversify demand.

I found this assignment allowed me to explore a little creativity in the structure, format, and presentation of the material. I really enjoyed having the ability to explore the different media options and develop them as needed. The ability to thread many types of media together was very interactive and challenging at times. The overall duration of the material I found to pose some challenges in providing details to support or argue our position but the ability to combine audio, video, and text simultaneously provided much-needed substance and support to the subject.

I deeply underestimated the time I assumed it would take to compose a two-minute podcast. Structuring the material in a way that allowed it build on each other and lend each source to support the underlying argument proved very time-consuming. Although I really enjoyed the asignment I do not anticipate generating a weakly podcast at ANY point in the future.

Multimedia in Energy Managment

I believe the use of multimedia in the energy management field could be a very beneficial tool to assist us in completing our job duties effectively. One of my primary duties as a future landman will be to negotiate with land and mineral rights owners to grant drilling rigs to be placed on their property to allow mineral resources to be produced. For many of them, this will be the first direct interaction with the oil and natural gas industry. I envision the use of multimedia as a tool to further explain to land owner’s the future processes that will take place. Photographic or 3-D images can be utilized to allow realistic expectations to be established with the owners of the property. The land owner could have a comprehensive understanding of the location of new roads that would be necessary to build in order to access the drill sight as well as the size and scope of the platform that would become the location of the rig itself. Additionally, interactive images could explore the sub terrain of the property to enhance knowledge of details involved in the drilling process. Bye developing plain details of the overall depth, direction, and the formations that would be affected during the drilling procedure we can provide security to the occupants that the water supply and other concerns would not be tampered.

Many other aspects of multimedia are already being utilized in the industry and I believe these tools will only continue to increase. The energy industry pushes mankind to the most remote, desolate, and uninhabited regions of the globe. Teleconferencing, satellite communication, and the internet allows continuous interactions exist and prosper. Detailed collaborative adventures are the norm in certain areas of the industry and would not be possible without the ever growing flexibility demonstrated by the expanding multimedia platforms.

The Beginning of Oil


It wasn’t until the beginning of the 20th century when oil started to gain in popularity and utilized in various forms Though oil has been around for thousands of years it wasn’t understood what exactly it was or where it came from. I find this image of interest because it depicts much of the culture that surrounded the infant oil industry. Much like the California gold rush in the 1850’s, oil was viewed a sure way to get rich quick. Complete disregard was common practice for any obstacle that impeded on oil production.

The negative perception of the oil industry can be closely connected back to these early practices. Today, oil companies are viewed with skepticism and and distrust. As an industry we make significant efforts to improving this image. However, one mishap tends to negate any progress and thrust the industry back to square one. The high profile generated from these incidents tends to lead to oil production and exploration always needing to  be defended.

There Will Be Blood

While technically still undecided, my goal for the next year is to join the energy management program. This powerful image from the Paul Thomas Anderson film There Will Be Blood is intriguing to me for a number of reasons. First, the eye is drawn immediately to the flaming oil gusher, which gives rise to the moral questions (specifically environmental questions) of oil production, among other things. Then you have the safety issues of the laborers involved. The boss remains separated, observing from afar as his laborers struggle to extinguish the flame consuming his means of wealth. It represents criticism of the perception of the greedy, capitalist mindset of the oil industry in it’s early stages.

Fortunately, issues of these matters have been largely minimized in the latter half of the oil production timeline. New environmental policies are enacted by every major oil and gas corporation, as are safety policies to counteract these issues.

Post 2- Twitter in Energy Managent

Despite my reservations about twitter and the many useless post that are inevitably going on, I find the site to be very effective to communicate many aspects of the social environment. Social, business, and every day leisure activities tend to find a home in this sterilized environment where short messages are required and long drown out posted are not only frowned upon, but prohibited.

Becoming proficient at twitter and continuing to expand my use of the site would surely be useful in a field of study that prides itself on personal relations and networking. The dynamics of Twitter are uncommon in the sense you are allowed to follow individuals whether you have been invited or not, or even if you know them. This ability allows unparalleled abilities to access resources from highly experienced individuals in any field of study. Some aspects of Energy Management are done in the field with limited communication. This technology can be effective with mass media distribution or individual issues.

Post 1- Calvin

I am 28 and moved to the Tulsa area about 3 years ago after I separated from the Air Force. I spent 8 years on active duty in the United States Air Force and got to see many parts of the world. While in the Air Force I was stationed at Keesler AFB in Biloxi Mississippi for about a year and then moved to Davis Monthan AFB in Tucson Arizona where I was stationed for three years. My last duty station was at Kadena AB where I spent 4 years on a small island called Okinawa off the southern point of Japans main island. I have been deployed to Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom, and Operation Southern Watch. Most people refer to them collectively as the war on terror. My time in the service was spent primarily working on avionics systems for special purpose aircraft.

I am a junior at The University of Tulsa where I major in Energy Management. I currently work at a factory in Tulsa where I am a stationary engineer. I have a wife who I have been married to for ten years and two awesome boys. My oldest is Dallas who is 9 and my youngest is Hunter who is 7. Both are excellent in school and play football out in Wagoner where we live.

As stated previously I study Energy Management and have included a couple blogs  for the field listed below.