Wiki Project

At first I found it aggravating using the wiki software, the restraints of the network, and the technical issues it possessed. I do not have a lot of computer experience therefore I found the project frustrating and stressful. Despite the negative thoughts towards the project I do think with more practice this way of presenting research could be very beneficial in the future and would also benefit my major, Anthropology. I write a lot in my major and this would be a good way to share information with others and get feed back from them as well. I also liked this project because I could work on the project regardless of if my partners and I are together or not. Moreover I thought it was interesting to see how wikis are created and what work goes into creating them. I have a new found respect for those who create wikis. I look forward to doing a project like this again and getting better aquatinted with its’ technical aspects.

Ashley Brown



The wiki project was an incredibly frustrating and difficult experience.  Whether it was finding information on John Berryman, or just trying to update the wiki page, nothing seemed easy when it came to working with wiki.  I believe it had a lot to do with the fact that I had never done something like this before.  I think the project would have gone smoother if we had more demonstration of working with wiki in class time.  I would’ve liked to be more sufficient with wiki before I began a large group project.  But overall, it was definitely positive for me to learn something new.

A cool thing about the project was getting to learn more about John Berryman, a man I had never heard of before.  This man had a lot of talent, but he was also very interesting.  I was impressed by the fact that he had so many issues involving alcohol and depression, yet still created such fantastic pieces of work.

In conclusion, I learned many new things about wiki and John Berryman, which definitely means something positive came out of this experience.

Wiki Project

Working on the John Berryman wiki project was a new experience for everyone in my group, and probably everyone else in our DH class. My overall experience of working on the wiki was not bad, but it by no means went smoothly. It was sometimes fun, sometimes frustrating, and many times confusing. I felt like many of the people in my group had a had enough time remembering the passwords and typing the right URL into the search bar. With all of that being said, you can probably guess at the beginning of the project I had absolutely no idea what I was doing.

Although I felt like I had no clue what was going on during the beginning of the project, I learnd many new and useful things while attempting to complete this project. Possibly the most useful piece of information I learn was what a wiki actually was. I have always liked to think of myself as somewhat of a computer savvy person, but I now know there are more than a few topics computer related in which I have no idea how they work. I learned many other useful things such as how to embed a link, I think that is what it’s called, and how the formatting of wikis’ work.

It may seem like I have been somewhat bashing the project or the instructions of the project and I want to make it clear that this is not the case. I personally am just an idiot when it comes to this type of stuff i guess. I had a fun and interesting time while working on this project. I enjoyed working in groups and I also enjoyed learning about John Berryman.

Wikki Project

In working on the wiki project, I learned that I really wasn’t as bad at computers as I thought. I understood some of the code, although some of it just looked like the different language that it is. Even though it was the server’s fault and not ours, it was still frustrating not to be able to arrange the pictures and text like we wanted. This is partly what has always irritated me about computers; you can’t always get them to do exactly what you want and match the vision in your head.

That being said, it was easy to find and upload the pictures and videos. Making the headers and table of contents was easy as well. Because he is such a unique character, listening to his readings and analyzing his tone and delivery was interesting and fun. It was also neat seeing how a couple of symbols could change the whole text.

Overall, I found it interesting and potentially useful. I could see myself one day having a wikki on Speech Pathology or Deaf Educaiton or something relating to my work field.

Working With Wiki

I enjoyed working on the wiki project, especially regarding such a thought-provoking subject.  I have never encountered any of John Berryman’s work before.  Researching was not tedious by any means.  I was in the Related Media group, and overall, everyone did a great job contributing to the project.  Gathering presentable material was straightforward.  We did hit a few speed bumps when attempting to structure the page in a more aesthetic layout.  I’m pointing fingers at the erroneous server.

Believe me, I’m no wiki wiz. I had never been exposed to wikitext prior to working on this project.  But to me, the coding that was provided on the handout made the experience almost effortless.  If I needed an additional wiki code to format captions and frames (provided that the server was running properly), I could simply search for the code through the Wikipedia site.  I can understand how it would be challenging to manage for some, but by no means is it impossible.  It would be a nice to have more automatic, one-button accessible features for the lazy wiki writer, but in general, the software is easy to work with.

Overall, I listened to Berryman’s melodramatic readings more than I would have liked to, but this wiki project proved to be a fun and educational experience.

Wiki Project

I learned a lot of new and empowering ways to share my knowledge through this wiki project. The process was much easier than I thought it would be at first. Adding and editing information that easily on to the internet is a very good tool to have for the future. While working on this project it became obvious that wiki and sites equivalent to Wikipedia are the new avenues for information and education to be dispersed.

The way that the group I was in divided up separate parts and focus on different points was effective in generating a lot of ideas and getting them on the wiki. Finding the information and putting it on the site was not hard for our group. The hardest part was on how to organize and format the pages so it would make the most sense and flow properly for a visitor to the site.

One of the more frustrating aspects of that was the titles of each section. They had to be different enough from the other titles yet descriptive enough to in a few words tell what the following information is about. Another frustrating part of this project was on how to tell if you put enough information in each section while making it readable. Also making the design of the page creative enough to make a smooth transition from section to section. Without having the tools to change much we left to pretty straightforward and to the point.

pos/neg of wiki :Natalie

My wiki project over all was a good one. I found it interesting that there is so much work that goes into creating a wiki. The positive thing about this project for me, was collecting the data and organizing the layout. It was beneficial to me because I gained more of a deeper insight over the material we covered. For instance I went from not knowing who John Berryman was to knowing his whole life story from birth to death. Another positive aspect of this assignment was that it helped you to adapt to different programs. Although some of the system I found to be a challenge over all I now know how to navigate the wiki and how to solve situation that arise, like editing.

The one negative I had was trying to edit the page. Over all it’s a very detailed process, as in there are so many different codes for a large range of features, like uploading, editing the size or changing the color. I found it useful that there are so many different features and options, but to me (a first timer) it isn’t users friendly. I’m so use to using systems that are easy to operate and editing is common sense, unlike the wiki where you would have to look up a code or read a few pages on how to do a simple task like loading a photo from your computer to your page and having your text wrap around it. Editing was the only thing I found to be very annoying and not fun, it made me want to be less creative because of the time it took to figure out how to edit one thing. Over all this was a fun project and i gained a better understanding of how to operate a wiki.