Final Project: Archaeology and the Age of Technology

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The following post is part of my final project assessment in my Digital Humanities course; it explains my reasoning for creating this blog in the first place.

For my final project in Intro to Digital Humanities I created a blog through WordPress dedicated to my major, archaeology. I chose to create a blog because I thought it would be interesting to discover whether blogging could be found beneficial within my field. Also my field has the reputation for being conventional, mostly consisting of book work, boring, and out dated. My ambition with this project is to dispute those claims and increase interest into archaeology again. As human beings I think it is essential that we are aware of our heritage and strive to preserve the achievements humanity has accomplished, not only to remember where we have been, but to learn from ourselves and better humanity in the future.

“If you would understand anything, observe its beginning and its development.”

In my blog I focused mainly on incorporating the use of technology, various forms of digital media, and several other topics discussed in class. Furthermore I wrote about my current research, archaeological topics that interested me, excavations and archaeological surveys I am involved in, and several other projects I am working on. To my surprise I found blogging to be beneficial. Before hand I did not regard blogging in an academic sense.

However I found the most innovative features that blogging possessed were receiving/sending feedback and gaining mass exposure. It was flattering to receive feedback and “likes” from fellow archaeologists, professors, researchers, and other individuals from across the globe. Not only was it flattering, but the mass scale of exposure was astonishing. To further increase my blog exposure I posted links and attention grabbing prompts within the Archaeology Page on FaceBook. It was intriguing to witness how instantaneously I received responses. Even more surprisingly once I really got into blogging I had accumulated 93 homepage views in a single day, a current amount of 14 Word Press subscribers, 1,625 FaceBook subscribers, and an unexpected total of 737 total homepage views within only two months. After viewing these statistics it was clear to me blogging can most definitely be used academically and benefit any individual in any major.

I found the responses to be additionally useful and encouraging. I was offered guidance, given encouragement, suggested solutions to my questions, provided other people’s opinions and I found it rather entertaining to tee off controversial debates. Blogging made it possible to further expose my mind to new thoughts and ideas that I otherwise wouldn’t have come across. I think it is important that individuals in all fields of study take advantage of technology and what it can offer. Technology such as blogging encourages interaction and compels an individual to acquire knowledge through additional means and further expand one’s thought process.


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Thanks for reading and THANK YOU to all of my followers and those of you who responded to my posts! You all made this a very positive experience and I look forward to bettering my blogging potentiality. 🙂

Ashley Brown


Mapping and Social Networking in Marketing

Social interaction used to be based around solely face to face interactions.  Then it progressed to letters, to phone calls, to email, to today’s social media options of skype, facebook, twitter, etc.  The opportunities for advancements are plentiful and exciting, and the opportunities to individually utilize these technologies are just as fascinating.  Personally, I am very interested in the future advancements, because I am a Marketing Major.  Mapping and social network analysis could potentially be incredibly useful in the field of marketing.  Mapping could be extremely important to utilize because in order to properly market a product, you need to do a lot of market research for various regions, groups, ages, etc. Mapping could be used to properly track this data in a way that is efficient and easy to interpret.

Similarly, social network analysis, when utilized correctly, can be a major assistance to the field of marketing.  These days, it is near impossible to find a company that doesn’t currently utilize social media in some way, shape, or form.  If a company wants to get the word out about themselves, or one of their products, social media is one of the best ways to do it. Plus, it is basically free advertising.  If the marketing division of a company is not already currently utilizing social network analysis to their benefit, they are going to get left behind by the competition.  That is the best way to describe how potentially useful they are to the field of marketing.

Mapping & Social Network Analysis

In my field of Archaeology mapping and social network analysis can be very beneficial.

Mapping various forms of database narrows down the results of a search to a more specific and useful form of information. Mapping looks at a broad view of something and breaks it into new subjects which are common themes throughout the subject. It also links different subjects to one another like a web and allows the researcher to further their knowledge with a more rounded assertion.

Social network analysis can also be beneficial in presenting a thesis or database to an audience in another way. For example one could use social network analysis to analyze aspects of a culture’s social organization. This is a powerful tool for untangling the web of relationships amongst those social organizations. This also allows for a further insight into the subject and it may even reveal something that was not noticed before. Social network analysis allows for a deeper and more enlightened understanding of a subject and I suggest that those in my field should take advantage of this technology.

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Ashley Brown

SNA in Business

Its not difficult to consider the ways in which Social Network Analysis would be useful in the field of Business and Finance. I know for a fact that it’s already used heavily in Marketing to figure out who would be most responsive to certain advertisements. Facebook revolutionized that model for its advertisers and has been extremely successful with it.

As far as my specific field of Finance goes, I’m sure Social Network Analysis can find its use there as well. It could be used to compare and contrast different companies in the same field to influence investing decisions. It could also be used to show where high-ranking employees went when changing jobs. This sort of mapping would be useful in forecasting how a company’s policy’s might change under new management. This, too, would be a good tool for making a decision on whether to invest or not. Combined with other forms of analysis, SNA could be a very valuable tool in the field of Finance.

Mapping and Social Network Analysis

In petroleum engineering there are lots of branches of business and process of retrieving the petroleum and gas products from under ground. Mapping and Network analysis would be a perfect way of organizing all that information in a way for people to present, understand, and read it.

One way is to map out the processes of drilling. Starting from the survey of the land, process of setting up the well, and the reports of the well as it produces products. Having one network analysis for each drilling project, that everyone could look at through out the process would keep everyone up to date, and on the same level.

There are thousands of employee’s and personnel that are part of each well and drilling exploration, and there are very many aspects and a lot of steps in planning a well. But, with the importance of the business and the worldwide dependence of oil, I think that mapping and network analysis should be manditory in organizing the work that we do.