Final Project: Archaeology and the Age of Technology

Hello Reader,

The following post is part of my final project assessment in my Digital Humanities course; it explains my reasoning for creating this blog in the first place.

For my final project in Intro to Digital Humanities I created a blog through WordPress dedicated to my major, archaeology. I chose to create a blog because I thought it would be interesting to discover whether blogging could be found beneficial within my field. Also my field has the reputation for being conventional, mostly consisting of book work, boring, and out dated. My ambition with this project is to dispute those claims and increase interest into archaeology again. As human beings I think it is essential that we are aware of our heritage and strive to preserve the achievements humanity has accomplished, not only to remember where we have been, but to learn from ourselves and better humanity in the future.

“If you would understand anything, observe its beginning and its development.”

In my blog I focused mainly on incorporating the use of technology, various forms of digital media, and several other topics discussed in class. Furthermore I wrote about my current research, archaeological topics that interested me, excavations and archaeological surveys I am involved in, and several other projects I am working on. To my surprise I found blogging to be beneficial. Before hand I did not regard blogging in an academic sense.

However I found the most innovative features that blogging possessed were receiving/sending feedback and gaining mass exposure. It was flattering to receive feedback and “likes” from fellow archaeologists, professors, researchers, and other individuals from across the globe. Not only was it flattering, but the mass scale of exposure was astonishing. To further increase my blog exposure I posted links and attention grabbing prompts within the Archaeology Page on FaceBook. It was intriguing to witness how instantaneously I received responses. Even more surprisingly once I really got into blogging I had accumulated 93 homepage views in a single day, a current amount of 14 Word Press subscribers, 1,625 FaceBook subscribers, and an unexpected total of 737 total homepage views within only two months. After viewing these statistics it was clear to me blogging can most definitely be used academically and benefit any individual in any major.

I found the responses to be additionally useful and encouraging. I was offered guidance, given encouragement, suggested solutions to my questions, provided other people’s opinions and I found it rather entertaining to tee off controversial debates. Blogging made it possible to further expose my mind to new thoughts and ideas that I otherwise wouldn’t have come across. I think it is important that individuals in all fields of study take advantage of technology and what it can offer. Technology such as blogging encourages interaction and compels an individual to acquire knowledge through additional means and further expand one’s thought process.


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Thanks for reading and THANK YOU to all of my followers and those of you who responded to my posts! You all made this a very positive experience and I look forward to bettering my blogging potentiality. 🙂

Ashley Brown


Communications and the Twitter Craze

Twitter can be a super easy approach to reach out using social media to build a little network between businesses and their clients.  The really great thing about communications is that there are countless options to turn to so it’s great for people like me that are always changing their minds. Since there are many different areas it allows you to spread your wings so you can figure out talents in many areas. Say you want to be in media relations, Twitter could be used to develop strong relationships with the media to gain great exposure for the client. Digital media could use it by interacting through videos and digital advertising. Social media would engage knowledge for a brand just by one simple tweet.

Even though I may find Twitter very obnoxious it can be a great way for companies to reach out. Celebrities get great publicity by tweeting back to fans or give great publicity to other things that they retweet. I am currently in a “celeb tweeting war” with my mother, author, Laura Marie Altom to see who can get the most famous person to tweet back! so far she is winning with the Hairsylist on Y&R 😦 . She comments “I felt the same way you did until realizing I could get instantaneous thoughts from my fave Young and the Restless stars’ heads. (Mind you I started, because my publishing house strongly suggested it!!) So one day the lead hairdresser bragged about lunching at the home of one of my fave stars. I tweeted he was lucky. Seconds later, he answered back–“Yup”. Every since, I’ve been obsessed!!!” I am sure the whole cast from the Young and the Restless, Aziz Ansari, and Bravo Andy are tired of us trying to get them to tweet back.

More coming later :)!!!!

❤  Hannah

UPDATE: I am losing majorly…. one of the NYC Housewives just started following my mom.


Many Twitter possibilities are available throughout the business community. Twitter is constantly used in the marketing of various products and events. Nearly all, if not every, Fortune 500 company has some connection with the Twitter world and with other social media markets. Twitter is also very useful for personal interest as well. It is very easy to find other Twitter accounts to your own and is also a good source of news. By checking the “trending” section of Twitter, it is easy to find out what everyone is talking about that day.

Tweet tweet tweet

Okay, to be honest, I was one of those people who hated on twitter in the past.  When I would hear about someone getting Twitter, I’d ask sarcastically if they had become a celebrity, and all of a sudden the world cares what they have to say.  But then my friends basically forced me to get an account, so they could mention me in their tweets.  No big deal, I thought, I can always just delete it when I have my predictions confirmed about the uselessness of the social media outlet.  As much as it pains me to admit it… I was wrong.  As useless and futile Twitter seemed to me, I became addicted.  Valuable things about twitter I have noticed include:

  • Fantastic way to keep in touch with friends.  And you choose who you follow. Love it.
  • Following comedians and other celebrities lead to an endless supply of short, hilarious zingers and one liners.  Instant, quick pick me up anytime you have access to the internet.
  • In my future occupation, Marketing, it’s a magnificent tool.  Whether it’s promotion of a new product, or great publicity for a company, twitter is the way to go.
Basically, Twitter is tight.  And until something like Google+ proves it’s not a waste of my time, I’m going to keep using Twitter.  #Twitter #Winning


In my opinion I am not a big fan of Twitter. It’s pretty much just a status which you can do and way more on Facebook. I do NOT care what you are eating, where you are, or what you are doing EVERY 5 SECONDS. Yes, Twitter could be used for other purposes like advertising, politics, or things and thoughts that actually matter. I do have a Twitter which I created recently out of 4am boredom. I already hated it in less than 5 minutes. But, I do use Twitter to advertise a hookah bar (The Buzz Hookah) which I am manager of. It gives our customers an instant notification of what is going on and if there are any events or specials going on. I do not really mess with the actual Twitter site; I have it hooked up with the business Facebook page. I find Facebook easier to use and I have used it since 7th grade. But I do not think I will become a Twitter fan any time soon; it’s just a bunch of useless spam.

Ashley Brown