Video Games and their Relations

How do you see the relationships between video games and some of the other media we’ve looked at this semester?

Video games and any other media requires an interface, a console and some form of code for the machine to run. Although media is very diverse and is used in many different ways it is created in the same process. Like YouTube for example, YouTube is a site to watch music videos, you may not be playing a game or controlling the scenes produced on the screen but it is made in the same manner, with graphics and sound and you must have some sort of interface or console to watch it on. So despite of the differences on how we use different media all of it is similiar based on how we design these things.

As far as the types of media, I think alot of the digital poems related to Video games pretty well because you actually got to interact with the screen with the mouse or keyboard. For example, Today I Die was a video game wrapped in a poem and you had to figure out the clues to know how to make it through the entire poem and set the girl free. I think using Video games and graphic design is going to change alot of how we learn teach and express ourselves. In this class I have learned alot about many different programs and sites I never knew existed and there are many more out there waiting to be discovered.


Digital Poetry

This weeks reading was really cool, some of the stuff people generated was amazing. The works I looked at were not the typical scence of vision I expected to see when thinking of poetry in fact I never read anything.

Andromeda was surprising. I expected a children’s book to be read to me and the screen to present it to me and 3-d. It was somewhat in that manner I guess a woman was holding a pop up book and slowly turning the pages and as you went through, small phrases describing the book would be said in her voice. Except it wasn’t clear it was repetitive and kind of creepy.

Against the screen mother f******, was probably my favorite. Through the whole thing I was expecting the soldier to finally freak out and shoot the screen but it never happened. I hope to one day get the chance to play in one those caves its amazing how far technology has come in such a short time.

The last one I really spent some time in was “Today I die” I didn’t really get the point of this poem but it was capturing I probably set there and killed the jellyfish for about twenty minutes. Finally I gave up, it’s like a never ending game.

Although these works are not alot like the traditional verse we think of as poetry, I think they are just as powerful and artistic as any other form of art.


Digital vs real artifact,

The digital was actually very representable compared to what I thought it would be. Especially since most digitizing is done by just taking pictures of a page. I expected the quality to be less. The only reason why I didn’t like the digital version is because it took away the impact of the magazine. Seeing it in person made the magazine so much more interesting. To know that your are seeing and reading something that is almost a hundred years old and that has been read by our ancestors is exciting. The age and discolartion of the artifact made it more engaging and leaving you wanting to know more about it. Versus reading it on the internet you don’t get the ancient feel of the magazine its just reading on a screen like any other website. Plus most people don’t read the copyright page and table of contents if you were to hold this up to any other pdf file it would have no difference. I do support digitizing things because eventually that book will dissipate into nothing. Being a reader though, I personally like the book vs the digital version it made way more impact on me and made me go back to the digital version to read more of the stories and see how I could relate to my ancestors of that time period.


This class was the first time I had ever been on an archive unless I got an article for one on a paper or something and didn’t know it. I think it is a very good idea to digitize our history seeing how it lasts longer and will not be lost in the future.


The scholar archives like Rosetti, I found to be more educational. The information was not opinionated and was alot like what you would read out of a book. Rosetti was very easy to navigate and the tabs at the top made it very easy to find exactly what you were looking for.


I really digged into the Stolen Time Archive and it was a very fun and friendly way of learning. I almost felt as if I was playing a video game. It took me a minute though to get the hang of what I was doing, I just had to take a guess and push some buttons but after a few minutes you get the hang of it.


I think the scholary was easier to navigate than the experimental.(Mainly the stolen time the search engine part of the proust archive makes it more user friendly.) I also think that the scholary was more broad of a topic like an era in history vs a single topic or place like the experimentals.

Both kinds of archives can be very useful, the trick is in finding the right archive that covers the topic your looking for.


Doing this podcast was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed looking up information about my topic, and all the pictures I found were really intense.

I only disliked recording my voice, never been a big fan of my recorded voice but I did what I could.

Even though the video isn’t professional, I really do believe and agree with my argument!

Multimedia in marketing

Multimedia is currently being used in the marketing field in a number of ways. For example a company to become known they’ll need to advertise and one easy ways to do that is by using the web, where a larger range of people are able to hear/read/see about the company and its products. Not only does it help in advertising but also internally. For example file sharing allows many employees to see a project in a matter of seconds and they are able to edit it then and there, which makes everything more productive. I also see a number of well known business using sites like facebook or playing commercial on peoples phones to get their products out there.

Multimedia has made marketing more efficient because they are able to do tasks that use to take months and now finish them in minutes. For example surveying a large group of people use to take forever because they would have to go out on their own, find these people and ask them question. Now they are able to put them online, which makes it easier to survey a even larger number of people and over all is a cheaper more effective manner. Also they are able to gain more knowledge about the different types of people that use their products and what other products would be good for that market.