CantoIIxmlLabInstructions (.docx)

“Canto II” and XML (.zip)

“The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” and XML (.zip)

The Stolen Time Archive (.docx)

Periodical Studies and Voyant Tools

Timeline JS (.docx)

Mediawiki (.docx) and Wiki Markup Cheatsheet (.pdf)

Gephi: Authors and Magazines (.docx) and dataset author-magazine-network.csv

Mapping “Araby” and “Clay” (.docx)


Midterm Project: Reading Magazines Digitally (.docx)

Final Project

Gephi Workshop Instructions

gephi-workshop-01 (.doc)

gephi-workshop-01 (.pdf)


Gephi 0.8 beta (Mac)

Gephi 0.8 beta (Windows)

Gephi 0.7 beta (Windows)

Gephi 0.7 beta (Mac)


US Air97 (.zip)

Modernist Magazines (master) (.csv)

Modernist Magazines (author focus) (.csv)

Modernist Magazines (genre focus) (.csv)

Modernist Magazines (magazine focus) (.csv)

Modernist Magazines (thematic tag focus) (.csv)

Les Miserables (.gexf)

C. Elegans (.zip)C. Elegans neural network: A directed, weighted network representing the neural network of C. Elegans.

Diseasome (.zip)Diseasome: A network of disorders and disease genes linked by known disorder–gene associations, indicating the common genetic origin of many diseases. Genes associated with similar disorders show both higher likelihood of physical interactions between their products and higher expression profiling similarity for their transcripts, supporting the existence of distinct disease-specific functional modules.

Power Grid (.zip) – An undirected, unweighted network representing the topology of the Western States Power Grid of the United States.


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